Dressage at Snug Harbor Farm

Classical Coaching at Snug Harbor Farm

Mary Ann Witt and Pirate -Perfect Trot

One of the nontraditional breeds that is being developed at Snug Harbor Farm is reflected in World Champion Pride's Blackbeard, a Tennessee Walking Horse that was shown successfully in flat shod gaited classes over the years. Better known as Pirate, this handsome gelding was used by the TWHBEA as its demonstration horse at Equitanna in Germany, participated in Equitanna in America, was exhibited at the Kentucky Derby Parade and also at Spruce Meadows in Canada, and was also the ASPCA's poster horse for its initiative to end the soring of Tennessee Walking Horses. Pirate was never subjected to cruel and illegal training practices and after he retired from the show ring and after many happy years on the trail, his owner, Jay Kendig, decided to give Pirate an opportunity to learn something new. At the age of 14, using The System, we began the journey of teaching a confirmed gaited horse to trot. We have been working at this for two years now and Pirate is beginning to develop a very nice outline as he unlearns one sort of training and learns a different sort. Pirate is the classic example of our opinion that all horses can and should be trained.

Nan and Verona

Dr. Nan Holland, riding the Thoroughbred mare, Verona, a challenging mare that became a steady if opinionated partner.

Jen and Mastermind

Jennifer Thompson of Nashville, pictured here with her Trakehner gelding Mastermind, better known as Colby, on their way to winning the USDF Regional Championship for Adult Amateurs at Second Level. ( Colby has always believed that he is a pretty big cheese.)

Simply Sinatra and Nan

Dr. Nan Holland of Franklin, Tennessee, is shown here riding another trotting walking horse. Simply Sinatra, we call him Frank, is finding his balance and making a name for himself.

Mary Ann Witt with Jesse

Mary Ann Witt and Jesse in a Karl Mikolka clinic. Jesse's Tough Q is a registered 21 year-old bulldog style American Quarter Horse. Mary Ann is a genuine senior citizen. The two of them are a hard working combo.

Judy and Christo

Judy Turner of Kentucky with Triple S First Warning, a registered Rocky Mountain Horse. "Christo" was the first registered Rocky Mountain to compete in USDF A rated shows, after he learned to trot. ( And yes, with scores in the 60s he has won ribbons in his new career).

Lido with Barbara Tearnen

Experiencing a correct corner with Lido. Lido a Thoroughbred, is just beginning his dressage work.

Carol and Sammy

Dr. Carol Quinter of Ohio has begun her riding journey using the system with her partner Heartsong, whom we call Sammy. Sammy is a registered paint with no color.

Nan MacDonald and Briggs

Nan MacDonald of Columbia, Tennessee and Briggs. Briggs is an Appendix registered Quarter Horse, a former eventer who is making a change to the dressage discipline exclusively.