Dressage at Snug Harbor Farm

Philosophy at Snug Harbor Farm

The sole purpose of the Snug Harbor program is to fully develop through gymnastic exercises a horse’s balance, suppleness and rideability, and to educate riders to work with their own horses so that they come to enjoy the satisfaction of riding a nicely schooled horse whose performance is the direct result of their personal efforts. We are engaged in serious study for serious students of the art and science of riding.

Competition is not the primary focus of the Snug Harbor program; however, horses and riders who work in the program have won at the USDF Regional Level, been high point horses at rated shows, are members of the 70% club for local GMOs, and can be counted on to always be well reviewed at competitions.

The Operating Philosophy at Snug Harbor Farm is best outlined in


(The Rider’s Spirit)

“Towards the horse, it implies asking much but never too much in return for the very best feed and care.

Towards one’s riding, it implies discipline, competence, patience and courage.

Towards fellow riders, it implies civility and helpfulness.

In the end, it is the challenge that makes this way of life worthwhile.”

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Alex Schott