Dressage at Snug Harbor Farm - Company Message
Welcome to Dressage at Snug Harbor Farm
Per Aspera Ad Astra! 
(Through hard work to the stars!) 
Snug Harbor Farm is a private facility located on 72 acres in Unionville, Tennessee. The facility is about one hour from downtown Nashville and located midway between Eagleville, Tennessee and Shelbyville, Tennessee.              
Dressage at Snug Harbor Farm specializes in classical training of traditional and non-traditional breeds of horses as well as the coaching of riders, including those of mature years, from varied backgrounds.  Every horse and rider can and should be trained is the premise of the program and every horse and rider, whether likely or unlikely, that correctly applies the System will be improved. In order to   reach their full   potential, horses and riders coached at Snug Harbor Farm use exclusively the System of Training advocated by Oberbereiter Karl Mikolka, formerly of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna.
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